Bolton Destitution Project

"Seeking to provide a safe environment where Refugees and Asylum Seekers can find friendship, food and practical help."

James has been an invaluable member for over three years of the Triage team assisting our caseworker, Shaheda. He has accepted a teaching position and we all at D.P. are sad to see him leave.

Shaheda and Fiona from the Triage team presented him with a pen and other volunteers made a cash presentations. Paul Martin assisted with the presentations and made a short speech thanking him and wishing well in the future.

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Our AGM took place on May 21st. We invited all our service users and dignitaries and others who have kindly supported us.

The chair, the Rev. Paul Martin gave his overall report highlighting our many achievements throughout the year.

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On April 10th we bid a sad farewell to one of our longest-serving volunteers - Margaret McCann.

She will be dearly missed at the Destitution Project. Margaret has helped to teach English to asylum seekers and refugees and has been such a ray of sunlight to us all over the years.

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We at DP were delighted to welcome the present Mayor of Bolton (Councillor Elaine Sherrington) to visit us on the 9th January.

She was only available for an hour as she is such a busy lady, but during that hour she was able to visit various areas of the Project.

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DP ended the year with a Christmas party held at the Drop in Centre in late December.

Volunteers and well-wishers kindly brought in items to share at the food table, and our friendly team from Bolton Mutual Aid also prepared a delicious soup for everyone.

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On 22nd November, the Destitution Project (DP) took part in a lantern procession at the Bolton Light Festival.

The group showed off many of the hand-painted decorative lanterns they made as part of a project called- ‘Building Beacons of Hope and Love’.

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There was a lovely Destitution Project presentation on Wednesday afternoon for Sister Christine who will be taking it easy from now on.

The other picture is Sister Barbara when she got a medal from the Queen. She is also now taking it easier in Lytham.

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On 10th October, four actors from Contact and BHA visited the Destitution Project (DP) to put on a play for DP service users and volunteers.

It focused on some of the problems of living with HIV. The aim of the performance, which was funded by Public Health Britain, was to give the audience an insight into daily life with the condition.

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On Saturday, 27 of us went to watch the mighty whites (Bolton Wanderers) against QPR.

On this occasion, we had a pre match event in a lounge overlooking the pitch.This was put on by BWFCFFF, which is the Family, Faith, Football section.

We were treated to tea, coffee, drinks, programmes.

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English Teachers - the Destitution Project is looking for experienced English teachers who would like to volunteer to teach beginner or intermediate/advanced classes for our service users. Classes are up to 2 hours long and take place on Wednesdays at various times and we currently have 2 levels for women and 2 levels for men. Each volunteer teacher would work with one class, and likely be part of a small team of teachers (some of whom are not trained in teaching English). We also try to provide one-to-one instruction throughout the day for those service users with very little English knowledge.

Reception Volunteers - the Destitution Project is in need of volunteers to man our reception desks each Wednesday. This would require you to be present between 9.45am and 3.00pm. You will need to have good interpersonal and organisational skills, and like to meet and greet people but also comfortable ensuring that access to the Drop-In Centre and its services are well managed. You will likely work as part of a two-person team. Previous experience in this sort of task would be ideal, but not essential.
You must be 18 and over to apply.

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