Bolton Destitution Project

"Seeking to provide a safe environment where Refugees and Asylum Seekers can find friendship, food and practical help."

The Drop-In Centre

We have a well supported drop-in, every Wednesday between 10 am and 3pm - find us here >

We support refugees, asylum seekers and destitute asylum seekers and their families. At our drop-in we provide a safe environment they can find friendship, food, clothes and practical help.

Currently, we have up to 150 visitors per Wednesday drop-in session.

We provide help such as:

  • Every visitor is provided with free all day tea, coffee and fruit. Also everyone has free access to many types of bread to take away.
  • Everyone has a free hot meal cooked on the premises.
  • Everyone has access to our free clothes and bedding store.
  • The most destitute are provided with a week's groceries, toiletries and baby items.
  • A caseworker to help and mentor service users.
  • A trained triage team to assist our caseworker and provide further support to our clients and supplementary help to our caseworker.
  • Table tennis, pool and football tables.
  • English Lessons and many other arts and crafts classes.
  • We have a link with the Octagon Theatre who come and join our clients to rehearse shows.
  • We provide instruction in such as gardening, bike maintenance and mural painting.
  • We provide vital free health checks with the BHA.
  • We have a free barber.
  • Everything we offer is FREE.

We're looking for help! >>

English Teachers - the Destitution Project is looking for experienced English teachers who would like to volunteer to teach beginner or intermediate/advanced classes for our service users. Classes are up to 2 hours long and take place on Wednesdays at various times and we currently have 2 levels for women and 2 levels for men. Each volunteer teacher would work with one class, and likely be part of a small team of teachers (some of whom are not trained in teaching English). We also try to provide one-to-one instruction throughout the day for those service users with very little English knowledge.

Reception Volunteers - the Destitution Project is in need of volunteers to man our reception desks each Wednesday. This would require you to be present between 9.45am and 3.00pm. You will need to have good interpersonal and organisational skills, and like to meet and greet people but also comfortable ensuring that access to the Drop-In Centre and its services are well managed. You will likely work as part of a two-person team. Previous experience in this sort of task would be ideal, but not essential.
You must be 18 and over to apply.

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